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Palm Beach Cosmetic Surgery

it can be safely called a «key» that will open the way for you and your family to a new life. After that, you will know for sure: how to create a beneficial field of good luck and success in your home; how to achieve prosperity for each member of the family; how to correct the unfavorable aspects of the living space and take advantage of favorable directions, how to make an apartment, a house a harmonious and calm place where body and soul rest and recharge.

For many years, a feng shui consultant, a specialist who has excellent knowledge and does not tire of self-improvement. Help and support for everyone! I am the leader of wedding projects and the creator of your wedding cinema! I have been working in this field for several years. And during this time, we managed to create many unique and beautiful stories for various couples.

Like many girls, I envision a wedding as a special magical event filled with love and romance. I do my best to provide the highest quality services and easily cope with all problems related to the organization of the wedding, carefully selecting partners and suppliers. My main objective of an ordinary wedding is to make a unique event with a touch of elegance with an individual style for each couple.

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There are auspicious and not auspicious days for a wedding. If the wedding date ends on the 8th or 9th, you’re in luck. The number 8 means infinity and the number 9 means the fulfillment of the plan. So 8, 9, 18, 19, 28, 29, these dates are favorable according to the fan -The Shui Feng Shui consultant will individually calculate the wedding date for you and select the location for the ceremony and banquet.

Most of the time the bride chooses a dazzling white dress, this color has a strong rebellious energy and makes the bride twice as nervous about the celebration. Feng Shui recommends milky, ivory or cream tones for a wedding dress. These colors are full of the nourishing energy of the earth, which will help the bride to relax and collect her thoughts. Red and pink. The texture of the fabric is also important The combination of soft and light fabrics with heavy fabrics is a combination of yang and yin.

Feng Shui fans believe that a wedding cake symbolizes the future of a couple. By choosing the right cake, you will predict your future family life. For example, if you want a family life, where you will develop together and gain new knowledge, choose a three-tier cake. Symbolizing the growing energy of a tree. For a stable marriage, a square-shaped cake is suitable, but a round cake is suitable for couples who want to have children as quickly as possible or for creative people.

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If you decide not to dilute your outfit with red, order at least one red car. If you don’t accept this color, or if you can’t find a car in this color, choose white. The bride is not recommended to get into a Yin Car (black, blue) on such a day. A few words about flowers. Many people put artificial or dried flowers on the hood of the bride’s car, the masters do not recommend doing this, and they replace the traditional decoration with all kinds of ribbons, bows and even real flowers. On such a day, everything should be new, clean, fresh and real – this also applies to flowers! When decorating a car, you can also use various talismans of family happiness, such as two rings or an endless knot, symbolizing the love of the newlyweds.

If there are rowdy guests at your wedding who can ruin your day with their bad mood, neutralize them in Feng Shui. Plant them with a place where there is water energy, a fountain, a swimming pool if there is none of that, then a feng shui specialist will help you.

When choosing colors for your wedding, don’t forget that each flower has its own symbol. Choose flowers for a wedding bouquet or wedding table decoration based on their meaning. For example, peonies symbolize longevity, chrysanthemums mean happiness, orange flowers prosperity, tulips sensuality, roses are a symbol of love and fidelity .. Note that the main composition on the table of young people will be a miniature symbol of your union.